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  • Voltmeter, Desktop, Dual Range

    Desktop voltmeter is used to show the voltage between two points in your electric circuit. It has 3 binding posts. Connect the black binding post to the negative side of circuit and connect one of the red binding posts to the positive part of your circuit. Each of the red binding posts are for a different voltage range. One is for 0 to 15 volts and the other is for 0 to 3 Volts.
    All three binding posts are marked with embossed letters.
    Box Dimensions are: 10 x 9 x 6 cm


    With glass stopper – uncalibrated.

  • Wall Mount Dual Scale Thermometer with Hygrometer

    The VEE GEE Brand Wall-Mount Thermometer with hygrometer is a large-size instrument suitable for not only the laboratory or the home. With this instrument you can monitor humidity and temperature in your lab, office, computer room, green house or food storage area.
    Diameter: 9.75 inches (248 mm)

  • Wall Thermometer

    This large wall mount thermometer may be used indoor and outdoor.
    Dual Scale, Easy to read from distance.
    Perfect for classroom and public areas.
    The diameter is 7 inches.

  • Wall Thermometer, Jumbo 15

    Large wall mount thermometer with large numbers for indoor and outdoor use. Double scale (Celsius and Fahrenheit), perfect for schools, classrooms and educational activities. It is 15” tall and 2.5 inches wide. It can hang to a small nail.


    For general laboratory work. Includes one of 1g, 5g, 10g, 50g, 100g, 500g, 1000g and two of 2g, 20g and 200g masses. Total number of masses supplied depends on the range chosen as indicated below. Plated brass weights (masses) with knob in a wooden case with a hinged lid. Calibrated according to tolerances specified by International Organisation for Legal Metrology, Class M2. Fractional weights are not included. Note: we can substitute two 10g masses with one 20g mass and two 50g masses with one 100g mass according to your requirement. We can quote and accept orders for other combinations of masses.

  • Weight Hanger (for Slotted Masses)

    This brass weight hanger has a top hook and a precise weight of 50g that makes this hanger ideal for use with slotted weights. The stacking section of this brass weight hanger is 10 cm (4″) or 9 cm. The diameter of the column is 6mm (1/4″) in stacking section and it is 3mm (1/8″) in hook section.

    Can be used with Slotted Masses (product code 3412)

    Old product code was: 3411 or WHNG50

  • Weight Hanger, 50-gram, Aluminum

    Aluminum weight hanger for use with slotted weights. It weighs 50 g and the stem length is 16 cm. The diameter of the stem is 5mm. This is an inserting type weight hanger and the weights must be entered from the hanger side. The diameter of the rod is 4.85mm.

    Can be used with Slotted Weights (product code P52612)

    Old product code WHNG50A.

  • Weight Hanger, Brass, 50 grams

    Brass weight hanger, stacking style, with stem diameter of 6 mm and hook diameter of 3 mm. Stem height is 100 mm and overall height is 145 mm.
    The stem is long enough for at least 600 grams of different weights.
    Compatible with all slotted weight with center hole of more than 6mm and slot width of more than 3 mm, including WHB1G, WHB2G, WHB5G, WHB10G, WHB20G, WHB50G and WHB100G.