Air Motor Car Kit (Car Propeller Kit)

Make a model car that moves by air. Using air to propel a car eliminates the need to complex components such as gears, chains, belts and pulleys.The motor and propeller work together to create air current and push the car forward.
This project is also an electric circuit project with a practical use.
The kit contains almost everything (as shown) you need to complete your project. Batteries however are not included and you will also need wood glue (White glue) as well as some craft skills.

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Pulley systems and individual plastic pulleys with metal frames are used in teaching about pulleys in physics and mechanics education. Most plastic pulleys come in a steel frame; however, we are also offering some that have aluminum frames. Pulleys with aluminum frames are recommended for experiments in which you may have a strong magnet in the path of a pulley and use of steel frame pulleys are problematic.


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